Sessões de Cerão #5

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Chapa Mamba is another fantastic, garage-of-a-haunted-house rock that have released a full length debut this year. The self-titled album’s fuzzy, like dancing sloppily through cobwebs. The riffs are fun and surf-inspired, and the drummer dazzles underneath the inevitable psychedelic meltdowns. A summer record that no one should skip (and it’s “name your price” on bandcamp, linked above).

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"WFMU #NewRekkid o’Day: CHAPA MAMBA s/t CD: Ghetto-fi Brazilian Take on Tame Impala Perhaps? Great All-Around"


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Chupa Manga Records

our brand new label

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new single

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Porto Alegre
Julho, 2014

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Bambino e os Asteroides, Chapa Mamba e Panguajazz na Pavuna - G1 Rio de Janeiro

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Fig. 4. Chladni’s figures of vibrating plates. 1872.

(via scientificillustration)

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01/agosto, 20h
@ Arena Jovelina Pérola Negra
Pavuna (RJ)

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a nice review of our record

"Chapa Mamba mixes the constant structural changes of a band like Tame Impala but replaces all the extra synths and phased out guitars with Nirvana-esque distortion sounding like it’s being played on a warped record. (…) This is the first time I’ve heard garage rock sung in Portuguese, but I freaking love it. Check it out!"

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few copies left

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"a Chapa Mamba
nem é tão Lo-fi garage rock
é um lance
bem mais massa
que isso
mistura essas vibe com
brasileira, baião, novela,
jovem guarda
com certa urgência
e sábado tem os cariocash
ao vivão cum noize
na M F L K D"


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sábado, 26 de julho
@ Papillon Pub
Venâncio Aires 912 - Bonfim
Porto Alegre (RS)

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